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Monday, August 11, 2014

Redoing the Studio

My studio is moving again...back to the now spare bedroom.

I had to move out of here when our son needed to move back home for awhile. Thus, I moved into the dining room:

Until I decided I wanted the dining room back and moved to the breakfast nook. It has not worked well there as it's just too cluttered and crowded. I tried, I really did, as the light is perfect.

But I never could keep it uncluttered. It overwhelmed me and killed my creativity. 

 I gave up trying to keep things organized.

Plus the easel had to sit here meaning I had to move it each time I wanted to go in there.

But now I have this:
In the process of cleaning the room

And I'm excited. Today it's cleaning the carpet day. Then it will be deciding where this beast goes:
Eventually, I'll paint the beast but for now, he will remain stained wood as I really need to be able to fill him with boxes and bins and stuff. 

Tomorrow it will be moving day! And hopefully, there I will stay until we move to the farm and I get to turn this into my dream studio. But that's for another time.

For now when I move into the room, I can finally finish these pieces:

And do the two pet portraits I have lined up:

And work on all the DIY projects I want to work on.

Basically, be my creative self in a more organized and roomier space! What about you work better in a cluttered space or an organized space?