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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Studio Projects and Reveal

I've made great progress in the art studio. Just about everything is in it's place. You can read about how I started here. I've decided to go ahead and share what's done as it will be awhile before the closet is completely cleaned out for me to store supplies in. You'll have to excuse the mess from those items.

My small drafting table is working out really well. However, I wanted a place to keep paper towels handy, so I took an old mailbox newspaper holder, cleaned it up, and spray painted it purple. Then I stenciled "paper towels" on the side.  To attach it, I added a board I had painted to the side then screwed it in. Now I can always find my towels when I need them.

Above the drafting table is my inspiration wall. I also have the pencil and tool caddies hanging above the whiteboard calendar.

Next to it, I placed my shelf with fabric bins that hold various supplies.

My easel is behind the drafting table so I can take advantage of the light from the window.

my sewing area is behind the easel

My stool felt boring so I decided to give it a facelift - pulled out my trusty primer (Zinsser), painted the legs purple and top green, then when dry, I taped off squares and painted those purple. Ta da! All spiffed up.

For bigger projects, like my wood signs, I got a small folding table. It's been great already - it gives me extra space and then it folds up and stores so my space isn't cluttered. Nice!

Along the back wall, opposite of the shelf and drafting table is the beast shelf. It holds a lot - books, canvases, and more supplies.

Lastly, on the wall next to the door, I placed my low bookcase. It holds my printer, the magazines I keep for inspiration, and the chicken feeder where I place smaller items.

Excuse the mess in front of it...those items need to go in the closet.

Last up is to make labels for the bins and baskets so I know what's in each one without having to pull them down.

Let the painting and creating begin!

I'm sharing here:
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Redoing the Studio

My studio is moving again...back to the now spare bedroom.

I had to move out of here when our son needed to move back home for awhile. Thus, I moved into the dining room:

Until I decided I wanted the dining room back and moved to the breakfast nook. It has not worked well there as it's just too cluttered and crowded. I tried, I really did, as the light is perfect.

But I never could keep it uncluttered. It overwhelmed me and killed my creativity. 

 I gave up trying to keep things organized.

Plus the easel had to sit here meaning I had to move it each time I wanted to go in there.

But now I have this:
In the process of cleaning the room

And I'm excited. Today it's cleaning the carpet day. Then it will be deciding where this beast goes:
Eventually, I'll paint the beast but for now, he will remain stained wood as I really need to be able to fill him with boxes and bins and stuff. 

Tomorrow it will be moving day! And hopefully, there I will stay until we move to the farm and I get to turn this into my dream studio. But that's for another time.

For now when I move into the room, I can finally finish these pieces:

And do the two pet portraits I have lined up:

And work on all the DIY projects I want to work on.

Basically, be my creative self in a more organized and roomier space! What about you work better in a cluttered space or an organized space?


Friday, May 30, 2014

Learning a New Technique

I've been learning a new technique lately - painting with a palette knife! I love the texture it creates. What I'm finding difficult is the executing of detail...however, the whole process is quite fascinating.

My first attempt was this:
"Bowl of Lemons"

I love the reflection in the blue bowl! Wow, how did I do that? :o)

My second attempt was a painting of a dessert - Pavlova. We had this at a vineyard's restaurant. Doesn't the fruit look yummy?


 Now I'm working on this small bicycle painting. My intention is to only paint the background using the palette knife and then paint the bicycle with the paint brush. I like how the texture shows up in the stucco wall.

This is a fast technique, fun to do and you get results quickly! It will be exciting to use it in my paintings and add another dimension.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Art and Moving Things Around (Again)

I've been busy in the studio. I finished one painting (sorry it's blurry-I don't know what happened - operator error, I'm sure):

"The Catbird Seat"

and started on another one:

Rusty Wheel

I also decided to reclaim my dining room so begin the process of moving the art stuff into the breakfast nook. Yikes, what a mess! I'm finally making progress and getting things organized to where I can paint or work on other projects.

I have the desk to empty and move out, then I can get the dining room back in order:

While it makes a great place for the computer, it mostly just catches stuff. I won't miss it.

Later, I'll pull our round dining table out of storage and probably paint/restain it. Fortunately we have the small table to use until then. We are enjoying the bigger dining space all ready and I'm enjoying all the natural light the breakfast nook gets. Perfect for art work! Plus I have this beautiful view out my window.
It's a little hard to see but the rosebush (Little Pinkie) is covered in pink blossoms and the honeysuckle is also starting to bloom. Heavenly!

The only drawback is the limited space. Someday! Someday I'll have my large studio to work in. Every time we are at the farm, I go up to the barn and dream of my space - where the windows will go, how I'll arrange my supplies, where I'll place my table, etc. It's going to be wonderful! I am thankful for the space I have now but dreaming never hurts! :o)

Well, I'm off to work on more cleaning/organizing.  Have a great week!