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Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Been Forever

It's been forever since I posted anything here...I've been busy with painting though. I did manage to finish a couple of new paintings and have a new one well under way.

I did this one for my brother before he died. He and I talked about what he liked and I did my best to capture that. He loved nature and felt a deep connection to wildlife. He told me his favorite animal was the raccoon  and told me a story about finding several baby raccoons and playing with them. He loved to hike, snow ski, camp out, etc. He liked butterflies - a lot. And he said he wanted to live in a "Hobbit" house in his next life. He did get to enjoy his painting before he died. I am glad for that. It is titled "His Spiritual Journey".

He stands at a waterfall with his animal spirit looking over him, while a flight of butterflies show the way to his new home on the far horizon.

I do like mixing a touch of fantasy in with reality. It was a fun painting to do although the circumstances were sad that lead to me doing it.

Now I'm busy painting a new one - this one without fantasy. Just a sweet covered bridge from our trip to New England a couple of years back. Ah, the memories!