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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fog painting done!

Long ago when my son was 2, we went to visit my husband's grandparents in Arkansas. They lived out in a very pretty rural area close to Hope, AR. My husband spent his summers there as a boy and loved it.

Jay liked being there too. He liked being outside and exploring. One morning he and my husband went out to check the mail. Jay decided to take off down the road - he "ran away". My husband chose to snap a picture before taking off after him. :o) I have loved that photo ever since. My sweet little boy exploring his limits; in the fog; at his great-grandparents' home; in the Fall.

Fast forward 23 years later. I have often looked at the photo and wanted to paint it. Thought about it when I tried watercolor. Never felt confident enough to try it. (I wanted it to be a good painting after all!) Pondered it when I did a short stint with acrylic but it dried too fast and I wanted the fog to be just so.

Finally, with oils I have painted it. And I love it. It holds such sweet memories of a cute little 2 yr. old, my husband's grandparents whom I loved as my own, and a beautiful foggy morning. Presenting "Exploring His Limits":

"Exploring His Limits"
by Cecilia Bramhall
*All rights reserved

Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating my brother

My oldest brother likes my art. Told me he could stare at "Twins" all day long. Likes the fantasy aspect a lot. And so I offered to paint him a picture. One that celebrated his life...

You see, we just found out he has cancer. And so I will try to capture something about him on canvas. Put a mystic feel to it. Give him something of myself in the process.

And we will hold fast to the time he has left.