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Thursday, October 25, 2012

HIndered by chaos

I have a confession to make - My desk and project table are messes. They need to be cleaned and organized. That said, I often make a mess in the process of creating. I mean, who wants to stop and clean in the middle of painting or creating something fabulous? Not me! That would interrupt the creative process!

BUT I have to admit, I am hindered by that chaos when I want to start something new or even come back to a painting the next day. I feel the clutter pressing in on me. Choking the creativity. I really want my space to look pulled together yet the reality is Creative Chaos - stuff pulled out, tools on the tabletop, paint and brushes ready at hand...And now my space has become messy. Too messy.

I need order  so I'm not distracted.. that's how I'm wired. And then I see other people's beautiful, organized studios and feel, well - challenged. Jealous. Lacking. So, today as I type this, I'm seeing the mess, not the creative part. I cringe and know it's time to start straightening things up, placing items back where they belong. Then I can jump back in to painting, being creative, and making new messes. And when that gets out of control, clean all over again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How I decide what to paint

Have you ever wondered how an artist chooses their subject? Me too. I mean, I struggle with it sometimes and I've wondered how other artists keep creating, keep finding inspiration. For me, I usually find inspiration in places I've traveled to; fresh scenery that sparks my imagination. Or, perhaps it's in something that recalls a happy/meaningful/contented time in my life. Something with an emotional response.

But what about the times I get stuck? When nothing excites the creative process? Then what? That's when I need to step back and get away from the canvas for awhile; get out into nature with my camera , take a bike ride, or just go hiking in the woods. Sometimes, it means doing a different type of art, like crafting. Still creative just different. And when all else fails, I look at art created by some of my favorite artists. I pour over their paintings and details and just absorb.

Then hopefully, one of those activities will spark something, strike a chord somewhere deep inside and I can pick up the paintbrush again and lose myself in my art.