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Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday was a frantic/panic day for me. I needed to finish my Christmas card design paintings and well, I still had a way to go on "Waiting For Santa". Needless to say, I spent the entire day painting. I didn't stop to fix supper for everyone (sorry, leftovers guys!) and had to remind myself to stop and eat. To say I was focused and determined to finish was an understatement. Ran into issues (oh perspective, you eat my lunch when I forget your rules!), solved them, felt overwhelmed (stopped, ate, and felt better), and triumphed at last!
Yes, I finished. Finally. Today is photograph day and get the files to the printers. Just 2 more weeks to get all done and ready for ChalkWalk. But, the cards will be there. Whew.

So without further fanfare - Presenting the 2012 Christmas cards!
"Waiting for Santa"

"Bringing Home Christmas"
I will also be offering "Merry Christmas Y'all" and "Snow Angel" from the calendar as cards also. (to see them go to my website at )
If you're interested in ordering these, send me a message or email at OR if you're in the area, come to The ChalkWalk in Round Rock, TX on Oct. 5-6th and look for my booth.

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  1. Cecelia, these are so dang cute! If I ever sent cards I would get some! but I'm a bad friend and family member and never send them.

    1. Hey Karen! Thanks. And don't feel bad...even with my own cards, I have a hard time getting them out. ha! I appreciate the sentiment anyway! :)