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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Studio cleaning

I haven't been posting much here on "The Doorstep". I've been really busy with working on getting the farmhouse in order and working on farmhouse projects and pretty much just working on my art about once a week to sharpen my technique. I did start on my Christmas card designs and with one just about finished and another started, I'm getting excited to reveal them. I think this is one of the things I love the most in painting - creating illustrations. It's fun to tell a story through the painting.

On a side note, I am cleaning the studio. The hubs commented last week on how messy it had become. It has to be bad before he will say anything! I had projects strewn everywhere - a painting on the easel (with a canvas below), sewing projects stacking up at the machine, and craft projects taking over pretty much the rest of the space - floor, project table, computer desk, chair...yikes. Ok, Mr. B had a point. It was a downright disaster area, so here I am cleaning. You can actually see the top of the table now and everything is neatly (mostly) put away in the cubbies,  the bookshelf is de-cluttered, the desk is almost organized- but the sewing area and surrounding floor still looks like a hoarder's crafter's room. This may take a few more days as I am going to go help a friend paint her furniture tomorrow and hopefully going to the farm for the weekend. In reality, it will never look like a magazine layout but at least it won't cause any comments. So no pictures this time. I'll share before and after when it's all done.

Thanks for visiting this artist's doorstep!

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