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Friday, August 31, 2012

Art Studio moved

I got to move my art studio -but not to my place at the farm. sigh. Actually, it's not too bad -  I've moved into the dining room which has better light. Not really the ideal spot though as it's open to the living room. So why did I move? The light not withstanding, my son needed to move home to save up some money and hopefully find a better job so I got booted  moved so he could have the bedroom. I had some friends help me move everything (Thank you! I love you. You're the best!!) and they actually had me pull out more of my artwork and hang it/ display it. I like it. It looks pretty cool like a gallery or something. (I even have some of my kids' work displayed. They are so talented!) I'm trying to get everything squared away - I just have quite a bit of stuff to go through. ( Oh dear, might be time to get rid of some of it!) Anyway, what do you think? Not bad, huh? Almost have everything squared away...almost. :o)

I used the same fabric I used on the chair to cover the back of the bookshelf...cute, huh? That big, green ball is what I actually sit on at my desk. Balance, core work, know, whatever works! Look at all that light pouring in - the bedroom didn't have that so this is a big plus to moving.

Now to finish up so I can get back to painting!
Thanks for standing on the artist's doorstep and peeking in!


  1. I love that chair that matches the fabric here. It is going to be amazing when you move to the studio at the farm. But it looks like you've got a great space here with amazing light.

    1. Thank you Lynn. It does have great light...much better than the bedroom. Makes a difference in painting. The space is working well-just need to get the rest of the clutter put away. lol.