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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been busy working on the man in the mask. He's about to get - FLAME-KISSED! After all, if he's going to hang out with the Lady in the Dragon Mask, he's bound to end up in the fire. ha. So yes, he will have flames running up and around his mask and in the background. It's a nice tie-in to the previous Mask painting. Here he is pre-flames:

Here he is done. He danced a little too close to the dragon, perhaps. Here is "Flame-kissed":

I'm kind of digging this whole masked theme. One more to do, I think. It's been going around in my head for awhile - actually, long before I started the Dragon-mask Lady. Kind of more of the unmasked variety - which I might add can be scarier than the masks we wear. Revealing, even. Do you dare to look under the mask?

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