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Friday, February 24, 2012


Hurray!! I have an art piece in a community show! My "Twins - As Different As The Sun and Moon" is in the Round Rock Arts Council "Imagine" show. Wow! I'm so excited. One more step into becoming the artist God designed me to be.

Which reminds me to say, "Never give up on your dreams!" I cannot tell you how many times I was discouraged by various, some well-meaning, others not so much so, people telling me how very few people get to be artists. Some downright told me I was not good enough. Plus, just comparing my ability with other  people's ability, was discouraging. Well, look at me now, I say! I kept at it and kept looking until I found a really good teacher and through his help and many paintings later, I've improved and grown. Do I still have a lot to learn? Absolutely! We should never stop striving to become better. I'm still learning to see what is really there and then put it on canvas. I'm still learning to tap into my artist self. I'm still learning. But oh, how far I've come. I have more confidence in my abilities and more confidence in my vision. I am finding my God-dream for my life - and I am happy to be here in this point He has me in.

So hang in there. Persevere. Don't let the doubters and naysayers keep you from your dreams. Reach out and grab hold. You can do it!! I believe in you.

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