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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Creative Mess

I admit it - I am not extremely neat and organized when I'm working on a painting. I spread out. I have clutter. My table is a piled-high mess. But I know where things are that I need. I am surrounded by what inspires me at the moment. My supplies are close at hand. That said, there are times the clutter bogs me down and I have to stop and straighten up before I can continue. But mostly, it just makes me feel creative. I  also have the "bad" habit of working on more than one project at a time. I find it hard to wait to start a painting when the idea is practically itching to get down on canvas. So currently I have 3. One is the last picture I need for my calendar, the other is my Texas flower fairy, and the 3rd is a "Live Love" collage-type painting.  I've included pictures of my studio area below. 

One of my current projects - the last picture for my calendar.

backside of the table with unfinished flower fairy

view into my studio; a little messy right now.

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