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Monday, June 20, 2011

New to me

This is my very first attempt at blogging and what better to blog about than my art and the process of creating a painting? I'm not much of a writer but I wanted to share what goes on when I paint a picture.
So, enjoy the ride!

Each painting starts with an idea. Sometimes it is vague and needs to roll around in my brain awhile, sometimes someone asks me to paint a certain picture for them, like my husband's request for a picture of "6th Street Beats Wall Street"( I'll tell more about that another time), and sometimes, it is something that just pops into my head and needs to be expressed. The painting I just finished was one of those that popped into my head and needed to roll around awhile but now it's done and I'm onto a new venture - one I'm calling "Embracing Texas".

All I can say is this Texas girl has finally given in!

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