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Thursday, December 1, 2011

pics of projects

Here are pictures of my projects for the craft fair Saturday:
handpainted cards: Frosty's Lost and Found, Elves, and caroling snow couple

handpainted cards

small framed sayings

shadow boxes

more shadow boxes
I will post a how-to on the framed sayings and shadow boxes after this weekend.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going to a craft show

I'm doing a first for me - I'm showing in a craft show. It's just a small one at a school but hopefully, I will sell more of my calendars there. I'm also offering Christmas cards, small canvases with Christmas scenes ( they'll have hangers so they can hang on the tree as ornaments), and some other crafty Christmas things. It's 8:30 - 1:30 at Cedar Creek Elementary in Bastrop. I'll post pictures and instructions on some of the fun Christmas stuff I made soon. Right now though, I need to get back to work and finish those cards and ornaments up!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Embracing Texas paintings

I have now completed two of the "Embracing Texas" paintings...the Texas Flower Fairy, featuring our beautiful state flower, the bluebonnet, and "Ride 'Em Cowgirl", the stick-horse riding little girl. I am pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?

Bluebonnet Fairy

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!
I'll be working on a couple of Christmas card designs in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finishing up

It's been awhile since my last post - sorry about that. I've been busy finishing up the studio, finishing the Flower Fairy, and celebrating my 50th birthday! A group of my friends celebrated with me in Canton, TX at the First Market Trade Days. Oh my goodness, it was fun! Found all sorts of treasures to turn into finished projects. My twin sister, along with our families, celebrated by going to eat sushi - a first for my twin. We had a blast. So 50, you've been fun so far.

Theresa and I, twins

50 is fabulous!
Friends celebrating with me
And after a few weeks, I finished the studio. Got the curtains done, my desk chair painted and redid the painting table. It was too low so I got 2 ClosetMaid 3-shelf Organizers and used them to replace the table legs. Now it's a perfect height plus I have more places to put all those art supplies. The art ledges are hung, thanks to my wonderful husband, Bruce. He is great! 
curtains and table reworked

sewing storage and picture ledge

view of painting table with storage
I have an opportunity to have a spot in a craft fair on Dec. 3rd. I am seriously considering it so I can sell the rest of my calendars. Thinking I'll have to print some cards too. Oh my. I think I'll be busy the next couple of weeks - especially this one. I'm excited though. I'll let you know for sure as soon as I have my spot confirmed. I look forward to more painting and creating!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Calendars for Sale!

The calendars are going fast but there are still some left. So if you've thinking of getting one, let me know and I'll get it to you asap. Thanks to all who have bought one so far. It's been very exciting. Everyone has had such nice comments too. Thank you!

I'm finally getting the studio squared away and I've been busy finishing up the Texas Flower Fairy. She's coming along nicely. Should be finished with her this week. Then I'll be working on the girl and stick horse. Saw a really cute picture of a girl in boots the other day and thought it would make a cute painting...hmmm. Ok, I need to focus and finish the ones in progress first. haha. Too many ideas crowding my brain.

Thanks again for the positive feedback on the calendars. I appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chalk Walk this Weekend!

Hey everyone! Come out to Round Rock's Chalk Walk this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7th and 8th to see amazing artists work their magic on the street. There will be all sorts of vendors too! Be sure to go by the Cordovan Art School booth - my calendar will be on sale there. I will be chalking a square too. Should be lots and lots of fun. Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Calendar Thumbnails! It's done and ready to go!

The calendar is done! It's very exciting to have it all printed and ready to go. I've included all the pictures so you can see what's in it. I'm selling them this weekend at The Chalk Walk in Round Rock, so come on out. I'll be doing a chalk picture too. If you can't make it but are interested in buying one, just send me a message at They are $15 each.

Snow Angels

Blowing Kisses

Rainy Day Cat

Easter Egg Hunt
Garden Work

Bike in the Garden

Fun at the Beach
The Red Boat

Checking the Mail
Pumpkin Patch
Garden Guardian
Cowboy Snowman
 Thank you for all the interest shown in it to this point. I appreciate everyone's encouragement!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Off to the Printers!

It's official! The calendar is done and ready to be printed. So today I get to experience this new adventure. Sure I've had stuff printed before, but never on this scale. I'm excited. Jay did an excellent job laying it out and getting it ready. Thanks, Son! It looks wonderful.
I will be selling them at the upcoming Chalk Walk in Round Rock. Let me know if you want one!

The studio is coming along. I got it repainted, found a rug to protect the floor from those occasional mishaps, and moved the desk in. Now I need to get my shelving painted and find a small, rectangular table for painting. Eventually, I want to get a big easel but for now my little tabletop one will do. Fun times. I will post pics soon. Until next time, keep on creating art. It makes life beautiful.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Studio Space?

I'm trying hard not to get too excited BUT I might actually, finally get to move my art stuff into my son's bedroom. He's moving out! I'm excited for him - he's had to live at home a couple of years after college courtesy of today's economy - but finally it looks like he's going to be able to have his own place. I'm excited for me because I can take over his room and get my breakfast nook back as a breakfast nook. I'm busy making plans for what I will have in each room...for the nook - a table that lets me use the window seats for seating, new decorations; lots of storage, the right-sized table to paint on, picture ledges and a fun decor for the art space. That said, I'll miss the light in the nook - it faces northeast and the morning light is incredible. Plus, I don't get to do anything until later in the month but oh boy! the possibilities! I'll post pictures of the space once it happens.

On another note, said son informed me I hadn't taken the pictures of the calendar pages properly.  His degree is in Graphic Design so he does know his stuff. So, last Saturday, he pulled out the easel, got the camera, and retook them all. I turned the project over to him and he's going to try to have it laid out by the end of the month so it can go to the printer's. Really anxious to have it done so it will be ready to sell at the upcoming art shows.

Gearing up to work on new Christmas card designs. They should be fun to create!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Other artful endeavors

I know it's been awhile since my last post...I've been taking a break from painting and working on some of my other projects - a raggie quilt that's been in the making for at least 2 years, editing and printing pictures from my London trip - took 3 of them and changed the color to sepia, framed them and hung them above my bed - cutting out other sewing projects, and just plain old, fun crafting. I even tried my hand today at printing on burlap (success!) and making homemade laundry soap. The burlap project is for my bedroom - which has a rustic/serene look with "love" as the theme. I printed Song of Solomon 3:4 ("My heart has found the one I love"), need to add embellishments and find the right frame but it's going to be perfect! Another project involves wooden letters glued to a canvas (with another good love quote ) then all painted the same color. I forgot how much fun crafting can be. I also want to make more reusable grocery bags - pulling out the scraps for those - plus just catching up on other sewing. Here's some pictures:

printing on burlap - fun, fun, fun

raggie quilt about 1/2 way done

5 gal. bucket of Laundry soap with a burlap label

project supplies

photos above bed

a closer look

one of the signs around my bedroom

more "love" art

wood heart surrounded by love words
And just in case you think I've totally ditched the calendar project - no. I've been working on laying it out and labeling the special days of the year. It's coming along! I'm using August as time to work on other things and just catch up on some of the projects I've been neglecting. I'm still doodling/sketching but for now not painting. I'll get back to that in September.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

roadblocks and redirecting

I've hit a roadblock... my painting of the flower fairy isn't turning out the way I want it to and I don't like it. Actually, if I'm honest, about 1/2 through a painting, I usually don't like where it's at- the sketch is lost and the final look is far away. It just looks messy or not quite right. But in this case, I feel it's more than that. My Texas flower fairy is, at this point, a failure. Ok, probably not, but it sure feels that way. I know I just need to jump back in there and start painting on it again. It will get there but boy, do I dislike it right now.

prelim. sketch of girl with stick-horse
So for now, I've backed off of it and started reworking my sketch for the little girl riding her stick-horse. It's coming along nicely and with a few tweaks will be ready to transfer to canvas and paint.

I've also been thinking of Christmas - as in what do I want to paint for a Christmas card? My idea is to have children daydreaming about what they want for Christmas - a little girl thinking "Pony" and a little boy thinking "Train".
what I want for Christmas sketches
They're allowing me to dodge my creative roadblock and redirect my thoughts from "oh brother, this isn't working" to "oh this is going to be so much fun!" And who knows? Tomorrow might actually be the day the little fairy comes together.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few pictures for the calendar

These are just a few pictures that will be in the calendar I am creating. As you can see, they all have an outdoor theme. I hope you enjoy these! Please stay tuned for more information on when it will be available!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Calendar paintings done!

It's official! I've finally finished all my paintings for the calendar I'm making. All the pictures have an outdoor theme. I'm so excited to be at this final stage! I started working on this last year with the intention of having it for this year but I had a creative block on a couple of the months. I decided then to just take some time this year to finish. All in all, a good decision as these last few paintings turned out great.
My next step is to photograph all the paintings then Jay will take over and set it up for printing. It's great to have a Graphic Designer in the family.  :o) Can't wait to have it all done.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Creative Mess

I admit it - I am not extremely neat and organized when I'm working on a painting. I spread out. I have clutter. My table is a piled-high mess. But I know where things are that I need. I am surrounded by what inspires me at the moment. My supplies are close at hand. That said, there are times the clutter bogs me down and I have to stop and straighten up before I can continue. But mostly, it just makes me feel creative. I  also have the "bad" habit of working on more than one project at a time. I find it hard to wait to start a painting when the idea is practically itching to get down on canvas. So currently I have 3. One is the last picture I need for my calendar, the other is my Texas flower fairy, and the 3rd is a "Live Love" collage-type painting.  I've included pictures of my studio area below. 

One of my current projects - the last picture for my calendar.

backside of the table with unfinished flower fairy

view into my studio; a little messy right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Embracing Texas

I never thought I'd paint a Texas-themed painting; you know, bluebonnets, cowboys, etc. It's not that I don't like those types of paintings, I do. They just weren't for me. Too expected of a Texas artist, I guess.  But guess, what? I'm starting a bluebonnet picture...sort of.

You see, I love Cicely Mary Barker's "Flower Fairies"; their sweetness and innocence, the beautiful rending of the flowers. I wanted to try my hand at painting one. What should it look like? What flower should I use? Well, it had to be  Texan with a Texas flower, right? And what better flower than the Texas Bluebonnet? So, I started gathering pictures of my kids in the bluebonnets ( wow, I didn't realize I had so few ), fields of bluebonnets, close up shots of bluebonnets. Started sketching. What kind of outfit should this fairy be wearing? Prairie-style dress with a bonnet? Cowboy wear with boots? I settled on the prairie-style dress. I don't like it too much. Now I'm sketching one with a dress made from a bluebonnet petal. Guess I'll see how that one turns out.

After that one, I plan on doing children with cowboy boots, riding ponies, know, Texas style. I'm embracing Texas after all.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New to me

This is my very first attempt at blogging and what better to blog about than my art and the process of creating a painting? I'm not much of a writer but I wanted to share what goes on when I paint a picture.
So, enjoy the ride!

Each painting starts with an idea. Sometimes it is vague and needs to roll around in my brain awhile, sometimes someone asks me to paint a certain picture for them, like my husband's request for a picture of "6th Street Beats Wall Street"( I'll tell more about that another time), and sometimes, it is something that just pops into my head and needs to be expressed. The painting I just finished was one of those that popped into my head and needed to roll around awhile but now it's done and I'm onto a new venture - one I'm calling "Embracing Texas".

All I can say is this Texas girl has finally given in!